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Tag: Second Act Overture

Quick Hit: The Dronings

If you don’t have a chill summer indie-pop record yet, I’m here to recommend The Dronings’ LCD. In 9 tracks spread over 21 minutes, Matthew Curtis (Second Act Overture) has put together an inviting, relaxing album of comfortably off-the-cuff tunes. There’s ukulele throughout, clapping, walking-pace tempos, some found-sound bird noises for atmosphere, and a guy/girl duet. “For Sam, Who Painted Me a Picture (Part 2)” includes a moment where Curtis breaks into a laugh, and LCD is the charming sort of album where that accentuates the likability of the song instead of sounding like a ploy.

“Remember Me (Part 1)” is a great little interlude that pairs a bell kit with the sound of rain and distant thunder; seeing as a lazy summer storm is one of my favorite July activities, I’m thoroughly down with this. “Remember Me (Part 2)” is a highlight not just due to its first part; Curtis sings gently and quietly over a swaying guitar strum, and the intimate tune comes together beautifully. None of the tunes here are all that complicated, but Curtis pulls them off with a casual confidence that makes them arresting. It’s a rare EP that can pull off intimate and carefree, but The Dronings have that down on LCD.

Listen to/download the title track LCD.