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Tag: Point.Line.Form

The Professional Americans-Point.Line.Form

professional-americansBand Name: The Professional Americans

Album Name: Point.Line.Form.

Best Element: Refreshing alternative

Genre: Alt-Rock


Label Name: N/a

Band E-mail:

The Professional Americans hit hard with album-opener “Placebo”, right away putting their alternative rock sound among the ranks of the best. Their sound falls somewhere between the lines of Jimmy Eat World and The Killers- but in most ways, The Professional Americans rock better, flowing steadily from song to song with an onward approach like any of the mainstream biggies.

Every song includes the basic guitar/bass/drums set-up, but it’s just done better when Pro-Am does it. Guitarist Jason Poe does fantastic work, as his approach to the sound of the guitar matches with every song. Sporting witty and cunning lyrics, the level and depth of which rival The Postal Service, Poe doubles as the vocalist. His vocals are among the ranks of many front men in the industry, as he sings his lyrics right. Bassist James Hafner simply does what’s needed for every song; helping the flow, binding the guitar and drums together, and adding more great vocals. Drummer Corbin Petersen adds vocals as well, and his drumming skills fall in the wide spectrum of skill that great drummers have. In sum, this is a very talented trio.

Of the 11 songs on Point.Line.Form., I can truthfully say that not one of them will be disliked by any fan of solid alternative rock, as songs range from piano/acoustic love songs to fast paced, fun rock songs. When accompanied by Rachel Poe in the song “Glass”, The Professional Americans show a new talent by being diverse and fresh, something we don’t see a lot of these days. But in Point.Line.Form everything is done with care, and the end result is comparable to any mainstream band, if not better. Flashy, fun lyrics, great instrumental talent, and perfect collaboration, topped off with some gutsy calls that pay off, make this CD a must have. The Professional Americans’ sound in Point.Line.Form is alternative rock at its best- a sound you must experience.

-Tony Kennedy