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Tag: Over and Out

Urethane…Over and Out

urethaneBand: Urethane

Album: …Over and Out

Best Element: Nothing sticks out- it’s just a good album.

Genre: Surf-Rock


Label: Dirty Laundry Records (

Band E-mail:

Self-proclaimed “surf-rockers” Urethane hit the underground scene with a great sound at the wrong time. Hailing from California, Urethane’s first album sounds a lot like The Bravery’s S/T album (Island Records): same driving yet simple guitar and bass parts, the same deep spacey vocals, and even similar use of a synthesizer. These similarities may bring Urethane popularity from The Bravery fans and scorn from music snobs, whom I would expect to say, “Urethane hopped in to the scene after the popularity of The Bravery became apparent.” Ironically, Urethane produced and released …Over and Out before The Bravery released anything.

The one thing that may redeem Urethane is the little bits of pop-punk they mix in. Imagine Matchbook Romance’s first demo- that’s the style that Urethane pulls in during the middle of the album. Though most will think “Hey, Matchbook Romance sucks…”, they have distinctive sound that Urethane unexpectedly pulls off with ease.

When I first read the press pack that was sent with the album, I expected to hear either a horrid album of five drugged-up California surfers or a horrid pop-punk album. This album is neither. It’s a seven-track album with six incredibly enjoyable tracks. The only low point is track five, a 1:49 pop-punk disaster.

Over all, …Over and Out is one of the better albums I’ve heard this year- although, along with every other good album I’ve heard this year, it was released late in 2004, leaving me still searching for a candidate for top album of ’05.

-Scott Landis