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Tag: Nothing Normal

Quick Hit: Lindsey Saunders


I get way more adult alternative submissions than I cover, which makes it surprising that people keep sending me AA releases. But every now and then, one bubbles up to the top and knocks my socks off. Lindsey SaundersNothing Normal EP is that rare AA release.

Lots of people can sing, and lots of people can write great songs. It’s rarer than you’d think to find people who do both. Saunders’ strong, clear alto fits on top of strong, tense songwriting with easy command. In opener “Change My Mind,” she powers through the chorus with attitude, passion, and control–another set of adjectives that are not often invoked together. Saunders moves from Goo Goo Dolls-style pop to country/soul on “Make or Break Us,” and it’s a neat turn. The chord-based guitar work here is surprisingly tight and complex, resulting in another memorable track. “That Way” shows some intricate finger-style guitar work, revealing yet another facet of her sound. Throughout all of this, Saunders’ strong voice leads the way.

If you’re into strong female singer/songwriters, Lindsey Saunders should be on your watch list. She’s unapologetic about her vocal and instrumental sound, which is a rare quality. There are still moments that lean too heavily on radio-friendly tactics (the chorus of “We’re Never Thru” especially), but Saunders’ songwriting voice is in there, trying to break out. Give it some time, and Saunders could be a really special songwriter.