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Tag: I’m Sorry You’re Uncomfortable

Making It Right-I’m Sorry You’re Uncomfortable


Band Name: Making It Right
Album Name: I’m Sorry You’re Uncomfortable
Best Element: Fun yet mature piano-pop sound
Genre: Piano-pop-punk
Label Name: n/a
Band E-mail:

It’s no secret that the Independent Clauses deals in a lot of heavy, deep indie-rock. The backlash against the simplistic radio drivel that’s been marketed to death is huge- and it’s marked by intelligent lyrics, complex song design, and lots of ideas that haven’t been done before.

But sometimes you have to kick back and have fun. The mellow brilliance of Braille just isn’t that great for cruising in your car with friends. The crushing sound of Century just doesn’t work when you’re hanging out in the backyard, chilling. Making It Right is here with a bright, shiny, rocking slab of piano-pop to help you out in those times.

One immediate downside to Making It Right is the impression that MIR went to the shopping mart of influences and just yanked a whole bunch off the shelves. Shades of the Cars, Relient K, Dashboard Confessional, Something Corporate, Juliana Theory, Jimmy Eat World, and many more can be heard on the 12 tracks that make up this album. The redeeming quality is that although you can hear all those influences in their music, it’s never so much so that you can feel good about pinning them as copycats. Sure, “To the Last Wish” sounds like something Dashboard or even Brand New would write, but it’s a great song despite that. “The New Patriot” sounds like it could be taken out of the Relient K files, while “Ghost” definitely has some Jimmy Eat World vibes in it, but both are ridiculously enjoyable.

Because of those influences, some people won’t ever be able to enjoy this- they’ll be stuck on name-checking forever. Sure, you can predict some of the chords, but if you get past the pretentious attitude and just listen to it, Making It Right has an extremely enjoyable album in I’m Sorry You’re Uncomfortable. They know how to write a pop hook, and they know how to work that skill into a lot of different genres- piano-pop, pop-punk, and acoustic, just to name a few.

The vocals here are solid- in previous releases Making It Right has had some iffy vocals, but they’ve really matured in this release and they are one of the highlights of the album. The line in “The New Patriot” is especially cool, as they offset the lead vocals with group-sung vocals. Another notable is “Big Escape”, in which they display that they can now play punk and keep the vocals in check. “Pre-emptive Breakup Song” is the hands-down winner for best vocal performance, though- with multiple lines and excellent harmonies, it’s excellent.

Despite the excellence of the vocals, the piano here is what many will notice, as MIR employs keys often and well. The band knows when to implement the piano as a songwriter (“And You’re The Reason”) and when to use it as a base for other stuff (“Quarter-Life Crisis”). They rock out with it (the awesome “First Class Ticket”) and mellow out with it (“Didn’t Have the Heart”). It is the heart of their sound, and at the center of all their best songs lies an excellent piano line.

Making It Right is a pop band that rocks. They’ve definitely got their act together, and while this isn’t groundbreaking by any standards, I’m Sorry You’re Uncomfortable is one album that you can instantly enjoy. From the first chord, Making it Right will have your heart, no matter what type of pop you like best.

-Stephen Carradini