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Tag: Faster Faster Harder Harder

Faster Faster Harder Harder-Clap Fall Run

fasterfasterBand: Faster Faster Harder Harder
Album Name: Clap Fall Run
Best Element:
Genre: Dance-rock
Label: n/a
Band E-mail:

There’s really nothing wrong with Faster Faster Harder Harder’s new EP Clap Fall Run. The only thing that’s wrong is that I’m reaching the end of my enjoyment of dance-rock. As it is with all trends that have certain set features (dance rock’s being the high-hat-heavy drumbeat) there comes an end or a breakthrough. I don’t think that this EP signifies either, but it’s hard to say what subsequent releases by FFHH will say about the validity of dance-rock’s staying power.

But I’m sure that they weren’t thinking about that when they wrote this EP. The boys in FFHH just want people to dance, and with those ideals in mind, this EP succeeds. The band is solid, with all the bells and whistles you would expect: adventurous bassist, cymbal-heavy drumming (although some interesting tom patterns do occur), Strokes-ian guitars, and a vocalist that commands attention with a tone unique enough but not grating.

This album is great to slap on to improve a mood, drive to, or dance to, but at a critical standpoint there’s just no new ground broken. But do you really need to break ground when you can throw down a bass-heavy crowd-pleaser like “Smith vs. Savage”? It’s all in opinion.

So if you want a good time, dial Faster Faster Harder Harder. They’ll hook you up with some awesome bass lines and dancing.

-Stephen Carradini