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Tag: ER Promotional Sampler One

(Compilation) Meryll, Ethan Durelle, Clairmont, Stop Thief! Quartet / Reeve Hunter-ER Promotional Sampler One

Band: (Compilation) Meryll, Ethan Durelle, Clairmont, Stop Thief! Quartet / Reeve Hunter

Album Name: ER Promotional Sampler One

Best Element: Variety

Genre: Indie and Other

Label: Esotype Records


Label E-mail:

For an 8-song sampler this is a wonderful look into Esotype Records with a total of 5 different artists… The easiest way to dissect this is on a track by track basis, so please continue and read on for a closer look into each song.

-TRACK 1: MERYLL – “Classy”

-A fantastic mellow track with passionate melodies and ambient undertones- the only downfall is the song is too short, barely breaking the 1:30 mark. Nonetheless it is a fantastic intro track that left me wanting more…

-TRACK 2: MERYLL – “Inside on a Day like Today? I’m Outraged!”

-Another well established track. This song is layered with lush and ample tones. The vocalist’s voice is equally captivating and flows with a sincerity which is difficult to fake. I would definitely be interested in hearing more from this up and coming star.

-TRACK 3: ETHAN DURELLE – “Disruption… Sharks”

-A bit more of a heavier vibe than the previous songs, yet still has nice ambience overall and even includes a powerful melodic chorus. This song is full of great musicianship with hooks and bass lines that reel you in for the ride. (All puns intended)

-TRACK 4: ETHAN DURELLE – “That Was a Lamprey”

Keeping with the aquatic theme, this track continues to explore such genres as indie, surf-rock, and controlled sonic dissonance. Overall a flavorful dose of music and another well-rounded, powerful track.

-TRACK 5: CLAIRMONT – “Seek the Lovely”

Another passionate song… a bit more traditionally structured than some of the previous tracks yet still highly artistic overall. The track contains great vocals and backing harmonies. Following the first four songs is a difficult act to follow but confidently they held their own.


Fantastic intro with a beautiful post-rock guitar tone which begs your aural senses along for the ride. Somber vocal work and passionate build-ups set a wonderful tone for the entire track. A fantastic aura follows this song from start to finish.

-TRACK 7: STOP THIEF? QUARTET – “Spring or the 4th of July”

Easily some of the finest male/female vocal harmonies I’ve heard in quite some time… Fun, almost bouncy music is a great contrast to the delicate vocal stylings. Good musicianship and overall a great song.


An interesting laid back rock song with some nice guitar work and sincere instrumental and vocal work… borders both progressive rock and repetition, but flows nicely overall and closes the sampler on a good note.

Overall the Er Sampler has more than proven the legitimacy of Esotype Records. With 5 talented artists, this label is an up-and-coming, one stop shop for ambient indie rock. The ultimate goal of a good small Indie label is focus on a similar style (genre) but not to have multiple artists which sound alike. Esotype Records have truly succeeded as there is a clear distinction from one artist to the next but the album flows cohesively from beginning to end. Definitely worth checking out!

Josh Hogan