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Tag: Dugong


dugongBand Name: Dugong

Album Name: Quick to the City

Best Element: Awesome rhythms
Genre: Indie Rock

Label Name: Bombed Out Records (

Band E-mail:

First off, I want to say “Damn!” Dugong’s Quick to the City is an overall amazing album. It has everything that I like in a modern indie album: fast songs, cool guitar parts, and awesome vocals. Over the years, Dugong has worked their way from being an underground no-name band to an extremely good U.K. band making their way to the U.S. This album didn’t need any time to grow on me- I enjoyed every second of it from the time I first listened to it.

This is an album that I will keep in my normal circulation of music. The vocals are extremely tight and well-composed, and the singer’s voice is very unique. It’s refreshing to hear something completely different vocally, because it is such a major part of the musical arrangement. Another thing I found interesting about Quick to the City was the rhythms. The drums were fast, but kept up with the music. This talent added a certain depth to the songs by making the tempo and phrasing changes interesting.

While listening to Quick to the City, I did, however, find myself becoming bored with the music. It’s not that it’s bad, but the songs do sound the same after a while.

Overall, Dugong’s Quick to the City is an excellent indie rock album. I would recommend this to anyone who likes good indie rock, or even punk based rock.

-Zack Albrecht