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Tag: Beards

Beards-Stealing Ain't What it Used to Be

Band: Beards
Album Name: Stealing Ain’t What it Used to Be
Best Element: Lo-fi Bastardly drunken sorrow
Genre: Beardfolk
Label: N/A
Band E-mail:
Members: Jeff– voice/whiskey. Sammy– guitar/piano/40s. Geoff– double bass/cigarettes

Beards will give up on you before you ever listen to them. Saturated in whiskey, bathed in sorrow, then groomed by hopelessness, every song is a well of poetry, laced by the sad sighs of a bowed bass and intricate guitar. Their recent minimalistic recordings are a soundtrack to tragedy and failure. While most people don’t go looking for such a heavy dose of misery as entertainment, fans of Elliott Smith, Pedro the Lion and Mazzy Star may find themselves stairing at the ceiling on a rainy day with Beards on repeat.

While two of my favorite songs were “Self Made Martyrs” and “We Shall Acquiesce”, “People Are Trying to Ruin Everything” was the stand out track of the album. This song boasts beautiful guitar work, an intresting chord progression, classic Beards lyrics and haunting bass lines that all weave in and out of eachother. After listening to this song, there is no doubting Beards are talented and their chemistry is what people spend their lives searching for. These are modest fellows with an apparent fragile threshold for creation. I can’t wait to hear what bastardly tale they tell next.