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Tag: Ain’t Never Been Cool EP

Lucky Soul-Ain’t Never Been Cool EP

Lucky SoulAin’t Never Been Cool EP


Lucky Soul is surely one of the most exciting new bands to come out of England this year. As evidenced by this three track taster from their upcoming album due April 9th in the UK, the band flawlessly mixes elements of Phil Spector-era pop (think The Ronettes, especially) with modern influences ranging from The Cardigans to The Concretes.

Lucky Soul transcends pastiche due to the combination of Ali Howard’s charismatic vocals and guitarist Andrew Laidlaw’s classic songwriting. The songs are at times a bit sugary but never overstay their welcome, and there’s always a sense of longing underneath that keeps things from getting too fluffy. “Ain’t Never Been Cool,” the first track on this sampler, is an example of the kind of life-affirming pop that, even while sonically referencing a completely different era, manages to sound completely new and exciting in 2007. Last year’s The Pipettes were just a warm-up… it’s time for Lucky Soul to take over the planet.

Nick James