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Army Defense-77 World Tour

armydefenseArmy Defense’77 World Tour

Sometimes I get something in the mailbox that makes me really glad I got into this whole blogging thing…
A band called Army Defense has just released an album called 77 World Tour in which they record a song for every country in the world. The album consists of 191 songs, all of which are fully produced and realized.
This is not a bunch of stoners with acoustic guitars trying to nail some weird Arabic scales. From what I’ve managed to get through, the songs are well thought of and played amazingly. Musically it echoes Sebadoh and Guided by Voices (and not the early hissy stuff). It’s a very broad album that covers all that’s good in rock music and concentrates on paying lyrical tribute to its subjects rather than just imitating certain musical styles.
Army Defense consists of five singer songwriters. They claim to have recorded 20 albums since 2004. 77 World Tour is an incredible achievement and was recorded in a little over a year between 2005 and 2006 (that’s about 15 albums worth of material in a year). The album can be downloaded in its entirety from their site. They have another site, aptly named The Longest Album in the Worldwhich comes complete with an interactive world map.
If you’re still thinking this is a nice shtick to draw some press, have a listen for yourself, and see why I’m holding myself back from using an exclamation mark in the end of each sentence.


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