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Surprise, Surprise

Nordaggio’s Coffeehouse, Tulsa, OK
January 21st, 2005

So I walked into Nordaggio’s (affectionately known as Nord’s) with the expectation of getting a drink and seeing some guy with an acoustic guitar play some catchy songs that he evidently threw his life into. This often is a very, very boring thing- so I was looking forward to getting a drink and trying to ignore the music.

Fortunately, I saw a band carting in a drum kit. This made me happy- because I had some hope for the show again! I watched and waited hopefully as they ran through extended sound checks and technical difficulties, in hopes that there would be something behind this band. Even so, I didn’t get my hopes too high- I mean, it is a coffeeshop.

Goshen then started playing. Their first song was plagued by – you guessed it- technical difficulties, but they cleared up all the problems after the opener, and away they went.

Goshen sounds something like Oasis with a less nasal Robert Smith singing. Tough to imagine, yes, but they really make their indie-rock sound cohesive and enjoyable. In fact, their music is so varied and well-composed that Goshen will appeal equally to fans of such varied fare as Weezer or Pedro the Lion or Death Cab for Cutie. Their short set was straightforward- they didn’t mince words or get highly ornamental with any arrangements. Their simple approach to indie rock was almost part of the charm- any musician could tell that the music was technically not challenging, but the songwriting was definitely above reproach. Their last song was the highlight of the show, with the two guitars complimenting each other nicely, and the vocals hitting all the right places.

I would love to see Goshen play a longer set- their four songs felt more like a sampler of their music than a show.  Leave ’em wanting more- isn’t that what every band wants to do?

– Stephen Carradini