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Stephen’s Top 9

Stephen’s Top 9

While I’m fairly certain that there were other brilliant releases in 2006 that I raved, here are the few that I loved enough to remember.

Pontiak – Valley of Cats

Most creative thing I’ve heard genre-wise all year: hipster indie rock, as filtered through an Appalachian rural band. Not even kidding.

The Unbearables – Just One Bite: Selections from “Bitten!: A Zombie Rock Odyssey”

Zombies, power-pop, bizarre instrumentation, and a storyline – does it get much better?

Elijah Wyman – Why We Never Go Swimming and Other Stories

Singer/songwriter/storyteller plays quite possibly the most complex and convaluted guitar lines of any singer/songwriter I know of. And yet, it’s still wonderful.

Josh Caress – Josh Caress Goes on an Adventure!

Nothing but acoustic guitar and voice, this entrancing travelogue will lull you to sleep in the best way.

Free Diamonds – There Should Be More Dancing

There should be more dancing, and especially to this herky-jerky, spastic, bass-fantastic mess of an album.

SleepBellumSonno – Ascertain

These guys are going to make it. I truly believe that. Their artsy post-hardcore is astounding.

7. The Mountain Goats – Get Lonely

Feels like all the songs were written in one day – that’s how wonderfully interconnected this album is, both lyrically and musically

8. Matt Shaw – Convenience EP

The only EP here, this showed that Shaw has more than just a purely digital side.

Mon Frere – Blood, Sweat and Swords

Would’ve been higher, but they went and broke up. Why, why, why couldn’t you work it out so that you could keep churning out heavy, dancy, quirky, charming, danceable manifestos?

-Stephen Carradini