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Speaker Speaker-Burning Building Recordings

Burning Building Recordings

Energetic pop-punk at a breakneck pace.

Speaker Speaker’s first full-length album Call It Off contains music that you can not just simply sit down and listen to. From the very first few seconds, it is clear that this is music meant to inspire toe-tapping, head-nodding, singing along, and, most importantly, jumping around and possibly kicking something in a rebellious fashion.

Let me explain. All 13 songs on Call It Off move at a brisk, invigorating tempo and drive forward with intense energy. There are no love songs here, but this does not mean there is a lack of catchiness. Speaker Speaker manages to combine many elements of punk rock with memorable choruses. The songs are gutsy in their straight-forwardness, with power dripping in every note.

The album’s title track is one of those songs that sounds loud no matter what the volume is. Colin McBride on guitar and vocals, bassist Danny Oleson and drummer Jasen Samford waste no time here; they all enter almost instantly and get right into the thick of things. “Call It Off” is about a lingering relationship that just isn’t working (I guess most punk relationships don’t), and is uncompromising both in lyrics and delivery. It pummels straight into “Radio Days,” which maintains the Nascar-like speed.

“We Won’t March” is a bold anthem of defiance and self-assurance, and seems to sum up the mood of Call It Off. The group affirms that “you won’t see us running, now is the time to stand our ground, no one’s going to push us around” in such a way that makes listeners agree. Stick it to the man, guys!

Overall, this album is not for the weak-hearted, but is a fun and enjoyable listen for anyone who needs to do a little venting. Speaker Speaker’s Call It Off is a roaring, confident, rip-rollicking good time.

Megan Morgan