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Sophomore-Lipstick Fix EP

Band Name: Sophomore
Album Name: Lipstick Fix EP
Best element: Rock like it should be.
Genre: R-O-C-K!
Label name: N/a

Band e-mail:

-no art available-

Rock is so underprivileged these days. All the ‘hip’ bands are pledging allegiance to genres that only use the word rock as an afterthought: dance-rock, post-rock, indie rock. Well, Sophomore is as hip as any band out there, and they play rock. No, I lied- they play balls-out, fist-raising, guitar worshipping, 80’s-watching, all-out kamikaze rock.

Lipstick Fix EP oozes with attitude from the very beginning of “”Bang! You’re It!”, when it smacks you in the face a bunch of guys yelling in unison to the chorus. The guitars burst out too, and the rock is brought. They pull from the loud drumming and guitar-centric ideals of arena rock in the 80’s for most of their inspiration, and let me tell you: there’s nothing cooler happening in rock right now. Their fusion of current rock ideas (ie screaming for effect, occasional double pedal bass drum, modern vocal melody structure) with vintage arena rock creates a sound rocking harder than any other. Even though arena rock was built on posing, there isn’t anything fake about Sophomore. When those guitars roll and the vocals soar on “The Fade from Gray to White”, you can’t help but feel it. This band knows how to make music that moves you- and they aren’t afraid to do anything: They even slow it down for “The Ones We Bury”, and they’re stellar there too- because the vocalist showcases his extensive melodic talent brilliantly.

Sophomore is rock. All four of these songs strike of inventive song-writing, balls-out rock with a tad of hardcore influence (Sophomore used to be a hardcore/emo band), and pure yell-inducing riffs. There’s not a band out there that personifies the spirit, the sound, the ideals of rock and roll better than Sophomore.

-Stephen Carradini