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"Sinks of Gandy-Trust = Damage"

sinksofgandy1 Band Name: Sinks of Gandy
Album Name:Trust = Damage
Best Element:The catchy garage-rock sounding vocals
Genre: Loud, pop-ish Indie rock
Label:[]Tiberius Records

I am positive that most anyone can name over ten bands that can be described as loud, pop-ish rock. They could probably name the same number of post-shoegaze bands and even more punk bands. We are to the point in musical history where a band can rarely be described in five words or less. With a good deal of encouragement, genre spanning musical interpretation is more popular than ever. Sinks of Gandy fits perfectly into this category of musicians, taking pride in bringing “a joyful quality to post-shoegaze,” “a happier sounding presence,” and a “sprightly, punk energy” to their debut album, Trust = Damage . The band’s moniker is a reference to Gandy Creek located in the Appalachian Mountains, which just happens to be a giant sinkhole.

There are always going to be certain albums that prove to be more rewarding after three or four listens, Trust = Damage is no exception. “Thought We’d Start” is a good intro, but somewhat fails to impress. Luckily for us, Sinks of Gandy knows how to add a little more depth to their gleeful sounding lyrics in the form of uglier themes like dead romances, faded friendships, and animosity towards self. Unfortunately, these themes are hidden by the overly happy sounding melodies and lost on anybody that doesn’t bother to understand what the Sinks are saying. Pushing that aside, the album only gets better as it progresses. “Medication” and “This Song” are infectiously catchy and almost danceable, but the catchy portion only lasts for twenty-five of the thirty minutes. The final track, “Pressing Scars on You,” feels like an un-beefed version of a Yellowcard track. Even more surprising is the answering machine voice at the end of the song, which sounds exactly like the voice from the phone call at the end of Mogwai’s “Tracy.” In the spirit of the album, the last track is truly the most memorable.

This album feels like it should be heard while driving home from work on a sunny day with paycheck in hand. It takes time to truly understand and appreciate the Sinks of Gandy and their debut album. This album is excellent, but it takes a few times through to fully realize it. The Sinks of Gandy should be praised for their efforts in creating an addictive album with a prize waiting for those who have the patience to search it out.

-Mark Pranger