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"Shotgun Monday-Read Compare Adjust"

shotgunmonday1Band Name: Shotgun Monday
Album Name: Read Compare Adjust
Best Element: Talented music in the roots of true emo-core
Genre: Emo-core
Label Name: Modern Radio (
Band E-mail:

My first instinct upon hearing this CD was to think “Who brought back At the Drive In?” From the sharp and dissonant guitars to the grainy vocals of their singer, auditory memories of “One Armed Scissor” were immediately conjured up, and I was excited.

In an age when what used to be labeled “power-pop” is now considered “emo”, it was refreshing to hear a band that sounds just like the bands I grew up listening to. They firmly have their musical feet planted in their roots and play from the heart. From the music right down to the abstract lyrics, Shotgun Monday threatens to bring back the style of bands such as Texas is the Reason (but slightly less melodic), or the aforementioned dissonant At the Drive In.

In fact, in defining Shotgun Monday as “emo-core”, I had to take into consideration that today’s young music listeners might mistake this for the mainstream Taking Back Sunday or Brand New style – in fact, they are much different, much more intense and vastly surreal. There is nothing here to sing along to or jump around to and get your pulse racing, but there is plenty here to feel in the heart and contemplate with the mind.

That’s not to say that there aren’t any hooks to be found. The song “Joli Rouge” has an ending that will get you to sing along and get it stuck in your head. For that, Shotgun Monday is truly versatile and extremely crafty.

-Andrea Caruso