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shimmerBand Name: Shimmer
Album Name: S/t
Best element: Radio-ready perfection.
Genre: Good pop.
Label name: Cake Records (

Band e-mail:

Within 30 seconds, I had compared Shimmer’s “Don’t Trip on Your Way Out” to Maroon 5’s work. In under a minute, I liked “Don’t Trip…” more than any of Maroon 5’s songs. In under 8 minutes (two songs) I found myself decrying an injustice: how is Maroon 5 signed to a major and not Shimmer? Shimmer is funkier, jazzier, more guitar-oriented (thank you Shimmer…thank you), and with an equally, if not more, seductively-voiced frontman. It’s the perfect set-up for a pop group in today’s scene- and what’s more is that I actually find myself replaying Shimmer’s self-titled album, whereas I get tired of Maroon 5’s Songs about Jane very quickly.

And it’s all because of that guitar. The lead songwriter in Shimmer is actually a guitarist, as opposed to Maroon 5. This leads to some great guitar lines, such as the immediate, “listen to this NOW” grab of “Don’t Trip”, the funky stomp of “Shoulda Known”, the all-out rock of “Who Loves Ya”, and the various pop/funk lines that generate the bulk of this album (“The Violence of Love”, “Crazy But True”, “Sweet Love”). The bass is suitably fine- slappin, bumpin, and generally being funky. It’s right how you expect it- and trust me, there’s never been a time that I enjoyed predicting music except for Shimmer. It just feels right.

It feels so right- especially in the area of vocals, where skip perabo beats everyone. The range is impeccable, the gruffness employed perfectly, the falsetto in top form- there’s just absolutely nothing you can put down in his voice. It’s a fine-tuned instrument of the highest quality.

Shimmer is invincible. Their pop destroys the rest of the radio. It’s that simple.

-Stephen Carradini