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Seven Revolutions-Carolina

sevenrevolutionsBand Name: Seven Revolutions
Album Name: Carolina
Best Element: The quality of the screaming.
Genre: Hardcore/Metal/Post-hardcore
Label Name: 13 Star Records (

Band E-mail:

These guys are going to be compared to Atreyu, partially because their label makes that comparison, and it is not fair. These guys make Atreyu look like a bunch of kids messing around. Yes, the same mix of Hardcore, Metal and Post-hardcore is used but Seven Revolutions is on a whole different level than Atreyu. Seven Revolutions takes a formula that has been overused and was never all that great in the first place to a level that makes it interesting to listen to. And that’s what music is about, right?

At first glance you would probably write these guys off as another metalcore band. They have the traditional five-man setup: one vocalist, one on vocals and guitar, a second guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer. They have the pissed off “my ex-girlfriend should die” lyrics and the cross between singing and screaming. Yet they are truly different.

Honestly, at first I didn’t like the album. I’m not a metalhead and the first few songs make you feel like you are listening to the illegitimate children of Metallica and Kill Your Idols. But as I listened to it I realized that I was listening to Metalica and KYI’s spawn- their awesome, amazing spawn.

The band’s versatility is amazing. Many bands that make their living through metal/hardcore stick to the same chords, same riffs, and same solos for each song, never playing anything but metalcore. Seven Revolutions, on the other hand, willingly steps out and pulls from other genres to develop a sound that sticks with you. What amazes me about this album is the way each song sounds natural. Nothing seems forced on this album.

These guys really put out a great product, and working with producer Carson Slovak (Guitarist/Vocalist for Century, Tribunal Records) was a great idea. These guys have the potential to be a true force in the hardcore scene as long as they move away from the Atreyu comparisons. Carolina is truly one of the best albums of the year.

-Scott Landis