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Senses Fail Column

Well, now that you asked…

Is Maturity Really a Key?

As some of you know Senses Fail is releasing a new full length album entitled Let It Enfold You on Vagrant Records instead of Drive Thru Records. Prior to the album’s release Senses Fail put the song “Buried a Lie” up on their website for download. I downloaded “Buried a Lie”, listened to it and was surprised at the quality of the song. It was a mature song and I thought that the band may have grown up personally as well as musically.

Then I watched the video for the song and realized that as mature as the music they write may be they don’t take their jobs seriously enough to be a mature band. The video makes a joke out of what appeared to be a good song. This is the way Senses Fail has always been. You listen to their music and think that they are a bunch of kids who are very talented and mature, but once you see them live or watch their video, you realize that their music isn’t who they are.

I’m not saying that a band should have fun with their music but to make a joke out of what can be perceived as a mature song is not the way a band should operate. Look at a band like Brand New. These guys produce quality music and serious videos but still have fun on the road. Senses Fail needs to realize the music industry isn’t a high school party and the people they need to impress aren’t going to take to a music video that looks like it is out of mass media 101.

Quoting a Disney movie in one of the titles of their songs is another piece of proof towards Senses Fail’s immaturity. If you look at the album you’ll notice a song called “Rum is for Drinking, Not for Burning”- if you’ve watched the movie Pirates of the Caribbean you’ll remember Johnny Depp’s character complaining after rum is used to start a fire. Now this is just immature. It’s one thing to quote a movie in a song but to title a song after a joke in a Disney movie isn’t right.

As much as I enjoyed From the Depths of Dreams I can’t see these guys going anywhere unless they learn to take their music a little more seriously.

-Scott of Indie Record Reviews