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Runny – Talent Kills Music Dead

Runny – Talent Kills Music Dead,

Brutal, chaotic punk rock with lyrics that will shock your mother

Warning: The following is a musical litmus test designed to determine your capacity to become very, very offended.

If the lyrics “I’m bleeding, I’m bleeding, I’m bleeding, I’m bleeding…I’m bleeding out of my f*cking vagina!” make you want to turn and run or stop and give the singer a serious talking-to concerning what’s appropriate for proper young ladies to discuss, you might not like Talent Kills Music Dead, the newest album from New York-based Runny. In fact, you most definitely will not like it.  You’ll probably hate it a lot, but then, this record was probably not designed with you in mind.

The sounds offered up by Runny are brutal, teeming with raw edges and without much to offer in the way of aural pleasure. This seems, however, to be exactly what members DJ Phlegm and Lemon Cookie were aiming for when they concocted the cacophonous 23 ½ minutes that is Talent Kills Music Dead.

Some tracks, like “When Judy Hates Her Crack,” are humorous and easy enough to listen to. Others, like “Sucking on the Wrong Dick” and “I’m F*cking Dumb,” simply showcase the band’s ability to produce grating howls and screeches.

The sound mellows out a bit on “Turkey Baster Cocaine Enema,” which is produced with the help of Jordan Lieb. Don’t worry: the laid-back tempo takes away none of the crude, offensive punch.

Fans of the unrefined punk rock stylings of Butt Trumpet will likely appreciate Runny’s sometimes-clever, sometimes-silly, always-crass lyrics, as well as their almost complete lack of musicianship.

You know who you are. You represent a small and highly-specialized niche. If you’re not sure, or the results of your litmus test were inconclusive, sample their sound at

-Amanda Bittle