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Richard Gagnier-Misfit King

Richard GagnierMisfit King


Hilarious, bitter alternative comedy delivered with perfect precision.

Richard Gagnier is an independent comedian who is seriously angry. He is sour and harsh, which is of course hilarious, and covers topics such as fast food service and incompetent, unintelligent coworkers.

Gagnier started performing in 1998 in Western New York. The first track of Misfit King was part of a comic show called “Alternative Underground” at the Downstairs Cabaret Theater in Rochester, New York, and the second was recorded in a coffeehouse. Next up for this stand-up comedian is a booking in Toronto.

Gagnier’s style is very edgy and quite unlike a lot of comedy out there today. The “alternative” label describes his style pretty well, because he is very unique in his delivery and in the subjects he jokes about, but it does not give him all of the credit he deserves. His performance on Misfit King is not only “alternative,” but also dark, precise, and uncompromising. Richard Gagnier performs his jokes with perfect accuracy, never once hesitating, stumbling, or apologizing. This adds to the humor of it because it is clear that Gagnier knows exactly what he is saying, and says it with no remorse, faultlessly.

Vocal timbre is another important aspect of just what makes Richard Gagnier so appealing. His low, sarcastic, fuming voice delivers jokes that match the actual sound of his voice, which works very well. Gagnier could be the very definition of “deadpan.” He never utters a chuckle, and continues throughout Misfit King to perform with straight-faced exactness.

The work of Richard Gagnier is recommended for anyone who is tired of mainstream comedy, and who is looking for something different (Misfit King is on sale now at, so it’s easy for anyone to get a hold of). Misfit King is definitely not for the faint of heart, but why should dark comedy appeal to those kind of people anyway?

Megan Morgan