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Reed KD-S/t

reed-kdBand Name: Reed KD
Album Name: S/t
Best element: Emotional but full of energy
Genre: Acoustic/Emo/Rock
Label name: Dirty Laundry Records (
Band e-mail:

Reed KD has all the sensitivity and passion of Elliott Smith but punctuates it with little bursts of energy that wake you from your trance and bring you back to reality all over again.

Taking this CD track by track, there isn’t really one point where it falls apart. The first track, “A Thin Line,” is great because it begins with an almost mysterious voice singing over an acoustic guitar, has a quick burst of surprisingly poppy guitar and singing, then returns back to the sensitive, mysterious voice.

While “A Thin Line” is an excellent song, the highest point is the song “Side By Side”, which incorporates a low-pitched piano and a muffled drum pattern (could be recording quality, could be on purpose- either way it works). The vocals are soothing and the incorporation of a second vocalist creates a really cool harmony. The vocals throughout are emotional without falling into the trap of your typical emo singer and becoming whiney.

There isn’t a track on here which stands out has a “radio hit”, but for the more refined listener, Reed KD definitely has something going for him. In following in the late, great Elliot Smith’s musical footsteps, Reed KD has the ability to gain an underground following who will appreciate his unique sound and spread the word of his talents to others.

-Andrea Goodwin