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Quick hits: Anna Madorsky

As I come to the close of another year here at Independent Clauses, I find that I have not written as much at IC as I have in other years. Life is always about finding a balance, and it often seems that my balance changes as soon as I find it. In short, I say every year that “this was a year of flux,” and honestly, they all are. This year was no different, but it also resulted in less posts. Who knows what the next year will bring?

Because of my post shortage, I have stuff that never got posted as it should have. So, I’ll be posting “quick hits” for the next couple posts: reviews shorter than the average IC review, but still important. Here we go.

Anna Madorsky’s theatrical take on dreamy pop incorporates the cold atmospheres of trip-hop and energy of punk. Her unique amalgam draws comparisons to the Dresden Dolls in “Evidence of Me,” Bjork in “Verb” and Fleetwood Mac in “An Ass for Every Seat.” Her piano pieces fare better than her guitar compositions, as her expressive mezzosoprano carries the ivory-led songs with a refreshing confidence.

The best example is standout track “The Unreliable Narrator,” which leans on a heavy, complex drum beat and deft piano work before bringing in fuzzed-out guitar work and synths for a propulsive, yet mesmerizing, effect. Talk Is Cheap is recommended for fans of strong-willed female singer/songwriters (Ani DiFranco, Fiona Apple, et al).