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Quick Hit: YĪN YĪN

Last updated on January 6, 2022

YĪN YĪN‘s The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers is a treasure trove of engaging Thai funk a la Khruangbin. But where Khruangbin loves to chill things out, this Dutch four-piece likes to keep things peppy and speedy. “Pingpxng” takes a spaghetti western vibe and elevates it with searing electric guitar, Thai rhythms, and gusto. Follow-on “One Inch Punch” rides a funky, groovy bassline that is equal parts LCD Soundsystem and Khruangbin. “Thom Ki Ki” is twangy, bouncy, smooth (yes, bouncy and smooth), and deeply influenced by a variety of Southeast Asian sounds. The title track opens with guitar experimentation, then drops into a full-on adventure soundtrack. The bass again plays a vital role, creating a rolling vibe that is met by the rattling percussion. It’s got surf-punk vibes, on top of everything else going on. Very rad.

Closer “Dis Ko Dis Ko” is the most obviously electronic of the pieces, with an arpeggiator-esque speedy bass blast pushing the song forward before a dance-rock percussion line drops in to meet it. A vocal hook appears on this track, giving the song even more punch and panache. Overall, this album is absolutely wonderful; every track is enjoyable and has mysteries to explore. If you’re a fan of Southeastern Asian music, Khruangbin, or atypical dance music, you need to check out this record. Highly recommended.