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Quick Hit: Tommaso Varisco

All the Seasons of the Day from Venice, Italy’s Tommaso Varisco (available on Youtube Music and Spotify) is a uniquely delivered piece of art. The original eleven-track 2019 release received extensive coverage in Europe, leading to the addition of eight more more “bonus tracks” in 2021.

Analog simplicity graces each of the 19-track soundscape. Musically, the collection drifts from pure acoustic instrumentation with Varisco’s rich vocal tone to electrified shades of Italian rock and metal on various cuts. Admittedly, eighteen songs is an investment to connect with a new artist. Yet this is a complete composition, with each note and lyric fitting together seamlessly. My two favorite moments of the narrative are “Lake (Song of the Tower)” with its creepy, sultry lust in an edgy Eddie-Vedder-meets-Maynard-James-Keenan creation and “Blind to See.”

“Times” proves that strong lyricism with authentic vocal delivery will create nuanced style. The takeaway here is the limitlessness of Tommaso Varisco’s All the Seasons of the Day: an album that continues its own artistic evolution. — Lisa Whealy