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Quick Hit: Sun Tailor

Music’s power is the universal language it speaks. Israeli songwriter, composer, and producer Arnon Noor (aka Sun Tailor)’s How To Say Silence Soundtrack provides a nuanced experience that undoubtedly enhanced the debut film How To Say Silence in this year’s Docaviv Film Festival.

The film itself spans three generations of women in one family sharing hopes, dreams, and secrets. The music portrays the emotions of growth and despair. Haunting at times, Tailor’s artistry as a Tel Aviv rock musician bleeds into the brooding soundscape that carries this instrumental experience. Featuring Keren Tenenbaum on violin, the sensory immersion highlights the energetic war cry of “Masa Laor” (“to the light” in Hebrew), and the Spanish-tinged dance of “Rivka.” 

Learn more about independent filmmakers and films like How To Say Silence at Docaviv’s website. —Lisa Whealy