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Quick Hit: Alma


LA based singer-songwriter Alma has massive musical talent, as evidenced by her latest EP Travel Size. She not only wrote and produced the EP, but her soulful voice provides all of the female vocals. The four-track EP maintains a beautiful balance between soothing slow songs and fun fast ones.

The first track, “Get-Go,” starts the EP off strong. A rhythmic clapping sample drives the song as its main source of instrumentation. Alma’s soulful voice has a soft tonal quality reminiscent of Jo-Jo. Throughout the song, two other voice parts–one higher and one lower–back up Alma’s primary vocals, while a fourth breaks free, sounding improvisational. All four parts are Alma herself; such a feat takes great talent.

“Medicine Man” slows it down a bit, as the track opens with a piano and more legato vocals. Another sample, snapping this time, joins the track. Midway through, an electric guitar fills out the instrumentation. The electric guitar takes front and center with short solos toward the end, adding a bit of flair to the track.

“Oh, K” opens with a sweet acoustic guitar anchoring the track. In this one, Alma’s voice has more of a sassy, rap-like quality to it that adds spice to the song. The end picks up pace with a breakdown where Alma goes back and forth with her harmonic back-up (which, as we know, is all her).

The final track, “West Side Winter Feat. Marcus Broderick,” is a beautiful ballad. The song begins with gorgeous harp playing before Alma’s voice joins in. At the chorus, Marcus Broderick lends his vocals and continues to sing the next verse alone. The male/female vocal pairing is a powerful combination.

Alma’s Travel Size EP is a soothing, soulful collection that you won’t want to miss out on. —Krisann Janowitz