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Pomegranates-Two Eyes EP

PomegranatesTwo Eyes EP

Lujo Records

Spunky indie artists make eclectic and whimsical dreams come true: bliss!

Listening to “The Children’s Progress” off Pomegranates’ Two Eyes EP reminded me of a recent finding from NASA. Scientists saw a sight never before seen but magnificent in its uniqueness: a black hole randomly shot a jet stream into the center of a neighboring galaxy. Though this event may not affect us Earth dwellers, it will have consequences for thousands of years in that far-off galaxy. Even being able to witness it is an extraordinary experience. Pomegranates’ sound is very similar to this otherworldly occurrence: in a genre where many indie artists can be overlooked, Pomegranates are making their music truly eye catching and ear popping.

I say eye-popping because without ever seeing them I can already imagine the jet streams they must shoot into the atmosphere when they perform. Especially in “Osidius the Emphatic” I see the soulful claps and stomps, as well as the bells going off not only on stage but in one’s head: “Holy shit! Is this an orchestra from space or am I dreaming?!”

One could even relate the Pomegranates’ style to the astounding and avant garde films from Michel Gondry. Gondry missed out when creating the soundtrack to his 2006 offering The Science of Sleep, because Pomegranates’ music would have fit perfectly. The music is lively, jumpy, dream-like and otherworldly, just like Sleep.

This five song EP exudes many colorful emotions and yet keeps direction in a way many indie artists fail to. Where thousands of indie rockers try to be different only a handful can actually do it; only a few can truly make Earthlings dream of stars and jet streams. Pomegranates is one of those bands.

“Why do I look at the sky?” is screamed colorfully in “Osidius the Emphatic”; refer to Pomegranates’ Two Eyes EP for further illuminations!

Marilyse Diaz