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Paradigm-Mainstream Epidemic

paradigmBand Name: Paradigm

Album Name: Mainstream Epidemic

Best Element: Unique mix of alternative rock and old school punk

Genre: Rock


Label Name: Self-released

Band E-mail:

Paradigm is definitely not your average alternative rock band.

In the bio on their website, Paradigm describe themselves as “an intense, avant-garde modern rock band full of passion and integrity, ranging from heavy, driving madness to engaging atmospheric realms, deviating from today’s prevalent and ubiquitous trends.” To an extent, this is not very far from the truth.

The phrase “to an extent” is used because while they deviate greatly from the new millennium trend of dark, self-deprecating, depressing lyrics and Limp Bizkit style, their overall sound is a definite throwback to mid 90’s alternative rock bands such as Soundgarden and Pearl Jam- with bit of a Bad Religion twist. This definitely gives Paradigm a unique sound. They have the melodic qualities of the mid 90’s rock, a touch of punk rock, and occasionally a really cool 80’s metal guitar riff.

What hinders this album the most is the recording quality, which is to be expected from a self-released album. It’s not poor, it’s not scratchy, but the vocals come out a little flat, and the music itself has a dull quality. In the future, should they gain the attention of a major studio, their talent and passion would more clearly be demonstrated.

Lyrically, Paradigm has a very simple style. “Simple”, however, does not mean that the lyrics are poorly written. The emotion is there, and just enough words are used to get the message across. There’s no need to look for any deep meaning to the songs whatsoever, it’s stated plainly, but it doesn’t come across as trite.

Would Mainstream Epidemic be at the top of this reviewer’s list of favorite independent bands? No, but, is it still worth a listen? Absolutely.

Andrea Caruso