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Last updated on May 14, 2019

I don’t usually post one MP3 as its own blog post, but this is a “STOP THE PRESSES” moment. Anamanaguchi, whom I deeply love, have released the title track off Endless Fantasy and let me tell you it is so incredibly awesome I can’t even stand it. I’m on my third run-through in a row, and I still can’t stop dancing. That’s 10+ minutes of spastic arm-waving and chair-bouncing to glorious, glorious instrumental chip-tune pop-punk. If you’re having a bad day, NOT ANYMORE. NOT ANYMORE AT ALL.

This is some of the happiest music I can imagine, and I can imagine a lot of things, y’all. For real, I can’t commend this enough to you. AND LOOK THEIR BAND PHOTOS ARE GIFS. THIS CAN’T GET MUCH BETTER.