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November Singles 1

Last updated on December 12, 2019

1. “Candlelight” – Moon Hooch. Two saxophones and a drumkit make some of the most infectious dance music that I know of, and this latest track is no exception. If you’ve never heard Moon Hooch before, get ready. If you have heard them before, well–also get ready. It’s real good. The video is an excellent representation of their live show, so get hyped for their live work with this clip, if you’ve not had that experience.

2. “Emerge” – Liam J Hennessy. Combines major-key post-rock, contemporary composition, and solid electronic beats into an uplifting piece. Fans of Lights and Motion will be all over this.

3. “Gaze at Blue” – Elephant Gym. Jazzy, groove-heavy post-rock stuff from Japan that’s real, real chill.

4. “Double” – Lite. This math-rock outfit has managed to create a video as frenetic and fascinating as the original track while still being totally watchable. Great stuff here.

5. “Anna” – Desingly. A walking-speed, brightly-recorded acoustic-pop tune with delicate female and male vocals. It’s a lovely, relaxing cut. (Nov 15)

6. “Solenya” – Febria. This is a more post-hardcore/old-school emo instrumental track, which I very much approve of. Lots of dark, dense sound structures, but lots of punk rock movement in the melodies as well. If you like big guitars, jump on. (Nov 11)

7. “Awaken (Feat. Jon Ososki)” – Marika Takeuchi. This is a deeply satisfying fusion of classical piano, artsy electronic flourishes, and driving beats. The recording and mastering here are excellent, as each element just pops right out of the headphones. This is a serious headbobber. Great stuff.

8. “Our House is On Fire” – Laura Masotto. As you might expect from a song with such an urgent name, this is a track that is not chill in the least. Fleet violin bowing rushes over drone and digital bass burbles. The digital burbles are electronic transmutations of sounds from within the violin, which is really cool. The track gets more and more furious up to its sudden conclusion, upon which one must conclude the house fell over. That’s a lot to pack in to 2:25.

9. “Ambisinistrous” – Jason McMahon. A rolling, cascading bit of acoustic guitar instrumental that feels mysterious and yet concrete. It’s a lovely little two-minute thought break.

10. “Beware the Tempest” – More Than Skies. A temporary respite from the occasionally-raucous folk-rock that MTS usually offers, this tune starts with an elegant strings intro before turning to a piano-led instrumental that establishes a dusky, dramatic mood.

11. “Li Feruli” – Nymphalida. A delicate, measured, spacious ambient track with a lot of atmosphere from not a whole lot of layers.

12. “I Thought By Now” – Nick Nash. The eternal problem: you get everything you want, and it doesn’t fulfill. Nash couches the ultimate problem of the soul in a lushly-ornamented tune that splits the difference between country and folk.