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Not so “Hidden”

Friday, November 18, 2005
Hidden in Plain View / Lorene Drive / The Commercials
The Championship, Lemoyne, PA

Since I was driving to this show from school rather than my house, it added an extra half hour to my commuting time. Being quite possibly the worst planner in the entire world, I arrived at the tail end of the opening band’s set and thus cannot offer any commentary on said band other than: “Get better so you don’t play first and I miss your set.”

That being said, I shall move on to the next opening band: The Commercials. Aaahhhh, The Commercials. What can I possibly say about them that hasn’t already been said in one of my previous reviews of their performance? Typical and somewhat stale indie rock blah blah blah. You get the drift. The band I really came to see was Hidden in Plain View, who I had seen play a year or so ago and put on a good show, so I was excited at the prospect of seeing them again.

I had only heard of Lorene Drive, the band that played after the Commercials.  And by heard of, I mean I had heard the name of the band and had never been exposed to any of their music. Thus, I was not sure what to expect from them.  However, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised with their set.  Everything about them was exceptionally high energy, and even though the singer doubled as what I presume to be the rhythm guitarist, he managed to captivate the audience with his antics.  They played a brand of poppy post hardcore that I imagine would only be mildly engaging without the lively show they put on, but definitely worth a listen nonetheless.  In a sea of oftentimes cookie cutter bands on this genre, Lorene Drive has the potential to be a success if given time, experience, and exposure.

Unlike the previous band, I had high expectations for the headlining band Hidden in Plain View, which I will affectionately refer to as HIPV.  This acronym causes a slight misunderstanding sometimes when I wear a t-shirt bearing this abbreviation rather than the full band name and somehow the P is obscured for whatever reason.  i.e. “Hey! Why are you wearing a shirt that says ‘HIV’?” …and giggling ensues [editor’s note: the “p” is hidden in plain view].  Aside from this unfortunate acronym (which isn’t nearly as bad as Saves the Day’s, I might add), the band puts on a great show.  The only other shortcoming aside from this was the bassist’s Over It shirt, which makes me question his personal taste in music; but no matter, as long as his band continues to make quality music.

Perhaps the highlight of HIPV’s set was my personal favorite song of theirs “20 Below”, which the audience took great pleasure in singing along with.  Another interesting segment was when their drummer had a drum-off with the guitarist, who actually could match his drumming skills beat for beat, showcasing the band’s well-rounded musical talent.  If you’re a fan of oftentimes high energy indie / post hardcore rock with feeling, I strongly recommend you check out HIPV the next time they tour near you. OR, if you have the misfortune of living in the middle of nowhere, pick up their CD.  Disregard the Drive-Thru label; in this case it’s rather deceiving.

-Allison Frank