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Inzec Records

I can’t say I really know what to think about this record; it doesn’t do much for me. I try to listen to each album I receive multiple times to make sure I’m fair and just in my account for each record. Now I’m not the authority at all on electronic music, and it seems as if it has hardly come across my ears recently, but this record does little to impress and I’ve given it several shots. Mosaic might not make me feel so stoked on the idea of popular electronic music if it does indeed outline the path that electronic music is taking. One positive aspect of this record however is that Mustfuzz seems to have picked up on some of New Order’s post-1990 elements, and on the contrary some of Depeche Mode’s.

This record is heavily electronic, and I doubt there are any acoustic instruments being used, unless they are heavily covered by effects. The lyrics hardly stand out and the blend of music and vocals seem to converge at a point where it can tend to leave the listener to tune them out completely. Most of the songs run together and there is no differentiation between any of the songs besides simple melody changes. The first track signifies what you’ll get through out the whole listen; complex electronic beats with soft lyrics and some harsh synthesizers paralleled with some ambient sounds.

Unfortunately, finding a use for this record for anything other than background music might find a listener hard pressed. However, to end on a positive note, the record is put together well with its sequencing and production, but this might be the only worthy aspect of it.

-Travis Johansen