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Music Versus the Heart

Band Name: Music Versus the Heart
Album Name: Self-Titled
Best Element: Unique, emotive sound
Genre: Emo
Label Name: Sorry for the Memories Records (
Band E-mail:

Music Versus the Heart is a band whose name is truly apropos in the sense that it is difficult to separate the feeling in your chest from the sound in your ears as you listen to this CD from start to finish. Their sound is powerful and raw, yet it still pulls at your heartstrings.
For the most part, their sound captures the essence of the late-1990s emo rock style, paying tribute to such bands as Texas is the Reason and The Get Up Kids (circa the Four Minute Mile era). Their singer’s voice, which seems to mimic Jeremy Enigk’s (Sunny Day Real Estate), conjures up aural images of this time period in emo history. This is not to say that MVTH is a copycat act. While they incorporate the essence of the sound of these bands, they still maintain a core sound that is uniquely their own, occasionally riding right on the invisible line between hardcore and emo, giving a subtle, but distinctive edge to their sound.
Another thing that makes this CD great is its variances in mood. Some songs, such as “Finding Isabel”, have a soft, sweet disposition, whereas other songs, such as “Firecracker”, have a more powerful feel. These shifts in mood bring this album to life. As your heartstrings are being tugged, the music pulls you left to right through all of the emotions that are part of the human experience.
The only real weakness in this album is the production quality, which is not horrible, but has the somewhat muffled sound that is common from releases on independent record labels. It is far from the worst production out there though; all of the parts are listenable and distinguishable, and the vocalist is audible. MVTH would be a great band to see live and hear their music in its true form.
Having said that, this is a band who definitely deserves recognition. They have music clips posted on their MySpace page, the CD can be purchased through their record label, and if you are local to the Orlando, FL area, you can check them out live on October 6, 2005 at AKA Lounge.

-Andrea Caruso