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Mid-February MP3s: Electro

Last updated on January 5, 2022

1. “Wytche” – Zyxz. Fads come and go, especially in the ever-fluid world of electronic music. This track sounds like a witch house track and a chillwave track got together and created something just as creepy and beautiful as you’d expect from that pairing.

2. “Killers in a Ghost Town” – The Magnettes. It’s got that Icona Pop x factor, y’all. Sign up early, before they’re everywhere.

3. “Magic” – ILY. Somewhere between LCD Soundsystem, Icona Pop, and Daft Punk lies this quirky track. The structured, complex melody here is uniquely ear-grabbing, like a human arpeggiator.

4. “The Dark” – Beauty Sleep. Chillwave meets modern electro-pop and boy, is it smooth.

5. “Waves” – CHNNLL. If Death Cab for Cutie’s Transatlanticism had been an electro-pop album, it would have sounded like this relaxed, careful, yet passionate tune.

6. “Terminator” – INOUWEE. Sometimes my brain creates these almost-impressionistic RIYL suggestions. This doesn’t sound much like Florence and the Machine, but I think you’d like this electro-infused, female-fronted indie-rock track if you like Florence.

7. “Together We Have It No More” – Leena Ojala. This electro-chill pop tune sounds like the running your hand through the air out the window of a car on the highway feels.

8. “Icing Sugar” – Keiandra. Don’t trust the name: this is an icy, swirling, ethereal song grounded by thump-click percussion.

9. “Lightning Touch” – Eden Warsaw. Warbling post-dub distorted arpeggiator forms the basis for this surprisingly happy electro jam. The surprise is great.

10. “Yearbook Photo” – Late Cambrian. Passion Pit, The Naked and Famous, Late Cambrian. If you’re into slinky/enthusiastic indie-electro, jump on this train.

11. “Zhongguo” – Juche. A thoughtful, warm, burbling rumination. Pogo would love this song.