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Metermaid-Live Together

metermaidBand Name: Metermaid

Album Name: Live Together

Best Element: Original songs

Genre: Indie/pop


Label Name: Autonomous Records

Band E-mail:

Metermaid is a high energy indie pop band that hails from Illinois. Their music is like a combination of Ben Folds and Weezer- they retain the rock and roll edge while keeping the indie softness. You could see there guys in a big venue one day and in a coffee shop the next.

Metermaid creates a wonderful sound full of rich textures accented by the singer’s voice. The soft touch of the piano also gives depth to many of the songs, and makes the songs sound that much warmer and brighter. Their indie-pop style is greatly displayed on Live Together, as the album was mixed great, and sounded perfect. The whole album is done extremely well.

There is nothing I could really find while listening to Live Together that I didn’t like; I was very pleased with the entire album from start to finish. If I were you, I would go to their website and order Live Together right now! They took the best elements of indie rock and pop and rolled them together into a stylish package. Metermaid is one of the best indie/pop bands you will find, and they’re going to be big!

-Zack Albrecht