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May Singles 1: Noisy

1. “Wonderful – Purist Mix” – The Fierce and the Dead. TFATD just released their first song with vocals, but they were kind enough to make a Purist mix that is instrumental-only for, uh, me. Thanks, y’all. The non-vocals version of the track modulates between being a dark, fuzzed-out ripper and an exploratory post-rock/jazz fusion. It’s an exciting track that shows off TFATD’s mastery of post-rock songwriting and excellent mix/master engineering. Highly recommended.

2. “Epigenesis” – The Kompressor Experiment. The Kompressor Experiment consistently does heavy post-rock really well. Here they pull back from some of the doomy thunder for a wider sonic palate, incorporating some screamin’ guitar melodies, piano, and generally less claustrophobic approach. But don’t worry: they still bring riffs. It’ll resonate with fans of heavy post-rock/post-metal.

3. “Machines” – EMÆNUEL. Takes the dense mood of bangers like Traversable Wormhole and strips out the force, replacing the thumb with skittering beats, microrhythms, detailed textural elements, and subtle dance overtures. It’s impressive alt-techno sonic sculpture.

4. “Reflected Sun” – Cliffwalker. Rad post-rock with gnarly guitar tone, delicate vibes (like, actual vibes, the instrument), and an atmosphere of total cool.

5. “A Beat for Peace” – Cemento Atlantico. You’ve heard a lot about Cemento Atlantico from me recently, and you’re just gonna keep hearing about it. This piece, a tribute piece with proceeds going to Ukrainian relief efforts, is a sinuous, winding, thumping work that balances acoustic and electronic brilliantly.

6. “Value Kit” – Halosar. Here’s a really pleasant cross between ’80s new age (a la Andreas Vollenweider), subtly glitchy idm, and vaporwave. If you don’t like any of those three things, though, this may be outside your zone. RIYL very specific sonic concerns.

7. “Uncanny” – Danny Villareal. Packs a lot into two minutes: alt-Latinx vibes, downbeat electro stuff, wiggly experimental stuff, jazzy rhythms, all sorts of things. Love it.