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March Videos pt 1: Upbeat

Last updated on May 12, 2019

This video is cute and also painful for anyone who’s ever been in the friend zone.

These Peaches’ clip for “So Glad” is a similarly romantic track, but from the opposite end of the spectrum–trying to find and reconnect with someone you love (either in a literal or metaphorical sense). These Peaches has a headlining set at Township in Chicago tomorrow, so hit that up if you’re in town.

Mutual Benefit’s “Not for Nothing” is another beautiful clip animated in an unusual style that tells a romantic story. The tune here is gorgeous, as well.

Samuel Alty’s “Heart Song” has a wonderful, quirky video in which normal people get up and dance spontaneously in what seems like the most chill / fun club I’ve heard of in a while.

Andrew Adkins’ “Consisting of Love” clip features two dancers gently going about their work to his equally gentle acoustic-pop. I love it when the clip genuinely complements the song.

All Dogs’ clip for “Sunday Morning” is an inversion on the “it was all a dream” and the “suddenly paint is everywhere” tropes, and it’s a lot of fun, as a result.