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Man Alive-Open Surgery

manaliveBand Name: Man Alive

Album Name: Open Surgery

Best Element: Talented musicians & great production.

Genre: Indie


Label Name: The Militia Group

Band E-mail:

Man Alive is another band that falls right in with the other stellar acts on the Militia Group label, as their music is solid, heartfelt, catchy, and upbeat. Their new CD Open Surgery is a strong album from start to finish.

The first thing that I noticed upon popping this CD in my CD player is that, even though I didn’t know the lyrics, I wanted to sing along. Man Alive’s sound is an excellent combination of poppy and emotional. They are not bubblegum pop, they’re not emo, they’re more of an Alkaline Trio-meets-brit-pop sound. It’s entertaining and evocative all at the same time.

It is also worthy to note that there is nothing amateurish about this CD. Man Alive is a band of extremely talented musicians on a well established record label. Each track, whether it be a slow and sensitive emo-style track or a more rocking pop-punk track, is both well played and well produced. Make no mistake about it, Open Surgery is 36 1/2 minutes of solid rock. From their catchy guitar hooks to their vocalist’s ability to fit his vocal style with the type of music, Man Alive knows what it takes to make something sound good.

Strong tracks on this album are “Give Me a Sign”, title track “Open Surgery”, and “Fire”. The only definitely weak track is “Against the Wall”, which suffers because it’s more of a hardcore punk song than the other tracks and stands out in a bad way because of it.

Open Surgery‘s replay factor is an eight on a scale of one-to-ten. The only slight drawback is that a few tracks sound similar enough as to become a little repetitive. Aside from this one negative factor, Open Surgery has a great attention-grabbing quality that demands repetitive listening.

-Andrea Caruso