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Making Tracks: Intro

Making Tracks: Intro

So this is a new feature I’m starting up- basically a list of websites I’ve enjoyed in the past month. I’ll do it every month, because when you spend as much time on the internet as I do, there’s a lot of places I frequent. Most of these will have to do with music, but some will not.

First off, we have, a semi-daily music blog that Chris Garrett and I write. It’s more a music diary than a mp3 blog, as we post more quality than quantity. It’s a good way to keep up with news from bands you read about hear on

Speaking of mp3 blogs, I’ve been reading *sixeyes mp3 blog lately. Alan Williamson runs it, and he has some great tastes in music. I’ve been introduced to The New Amsterdams, finally heard some Calexico, read an interview with Destroyer, and much more. Very interesting stuff.

And if you want to discuss that interesting stuff, head on over to, a messageboard I’ve been frequenting. I’m a mod over there, so if you want to get more of my rantings, you can become an LTS member.

Also, I’ve been really excited about, a site that does some really incredible graphic design work. If any of you bands need some art, you best get it from Pavlov Visuals, as their experience, professionalism, and quality can’t be beat.

And finally, I’ve been spending too much time laughing at, a hilarious daily comic. It’s definitely bizarre, but it’s very, very funny if you’re into grammar-related and observational humor.

Until next month…..away!!

-Stephen Carradini