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Look Mexico!-The Crucial EP

lookmexicoBand: Look Mexico!
Album: The Crucial EP
Best Element: Great melodies and instrumental talent
Genre: Indie-rock
Label: N/a
Contact: n/a

I’ve listened to Look Mexico’s The Crucial EP several times now, and I can say with certainty that it is aptly named. It’s fun; It’s catchy, and it’s much too short. Seriously, that is my only complaint with this EP. Be forewarned, if you would prefer to avoid humming in public, don’t buy it- the melodies will haunt your dreams.
“He Bit Me” starts The Crucial EP off with a bang. Front man Matt Agrella and guitarist Dave Bumsted, who has since left the band to be replaced by Ryan Slate, lay down a rockin’ string of heavily distorted chords to begin the song, and drummer Joshua Mikel does more than just keep up. “He Bit Me” is indie rock at its best, and it feels like a live show. Look Mexico is excited about what it does, and it shows.
”I Can’t Today, I’m on Duty” is the first track to showcase Agrella’s vocal skills: “He Bit me” is instrumental. There is a definite punk feel to “I Can’t Today, I’m on Duty,” but in terms of energy and sheer listenability it equals if not surpasses “He Bit Me.”
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Look Mexico does it again with “Call Off Your Lapdog.” “Call Off Your Lapdog” is more melodious than the other two tracks, but gets a bit frenetic in places. Though “Call Off Your Lapdog” is dissonant in places, it is another solid track on a remarkable sophomore release.
“Guys I Need a Helicopter” is, like “He Bit Me,” instrumental. I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s excellent. Think Death Cab for Cutie on this one. In true Death Cab fashion, bassist Tyson Kuhlhoff has a more prominent role in this song, than he did in the others and rises to the occasion.
”Come On, We’re Talking About You Here” combines clever lyrics with the musical excellence of the rest of The Crucial EP. It is truly a great ending to a great album.
Do yourself a favor: buy this album.

-Brian Burns