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Lobster Records Presents-Gems

lobsterrecordsLobster Records Presents:Gems

Lobster Records

Lobster Records’ latest collection Gems is an installment of infectious riffs and innovative artists from start to finish. If this is a showcase of what this label has to offer, they are on the cutting edge of what is fresh and new in the pop/indie/rock genre.

Take, for example, the opening song – Over It’s “Map of the World” from their album Silverstrand, which was released in 2005. While Over It has gone on to sign to a major label and released another CD since releasing this song, this track is a great example of a band who got its start on an indie record label and was worthy of major label acclaim. This is a testament to both Lobster Records’ ear for outstanding artists and ability to be on the cusp of new trends. (Over It released Step Outside Yourself in 2006 on Virgin Records – an outstanding CD in its own right that recently had a song featured on the MLB 2007: The Show video game.)

The Over It track is not the only stellar song on Gems. Other excellent tracks include a song from the female fronted band Rosematter, whose track “A White Horse Fell in the Mud” showcases some beautiful singing and clever songwriting. Also notable is the song “Stories” by Rouletta, a traditional rock band through and through, which contributes to the diversity of sound found on Gems.

While Lobster Records’ triumphs are many, they are not without their fair share of band breakups. Gems also features outstanding work by some now defunct bands such as Park and Staring Back. In showcasing these artists, though, it is not to say that these are failings by the record label; both bands had successful runs and the songs featured on Gems are evident of that fact.

All in all, this is a solid compilation that is just good through and through. It is a great representation of what the label has had to offer in both the past and present, and it is good enough to make you anxious to see what Lobster Records has to offer next.

-Andrea Caruso