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Lisa’s Songs of the Year

This year has been an adventure, to say the least. I’m going out on a limb here, but the pandemic has shaped the tsunami of challenges we’ve all overcome. Personally, I have grieved the loss of live music.  I’ve recognized the depths to which music heals my soul. I’ve evolved in my musical tastes; rather, my appreciation for great songwriting has deepened. Our shared experiences during 2020 helped us make sense of unprecedented events together, like the killing of George Floyd, the pandemic, and a sitting American president of the United States waging war on democracy. In no particular order, this playlist represents the past year, mixtape-style. As Stephen says, without further adieu: 

  1. This Land is Your Land – Kris Orlowski
  2. American Crazy – Brothers Osborne
  3. Blessed – Charles Ellsworth
  4. Cry Over Nothing – The Wood Brothers 
  5. Breathe Forever – The Suitcase Junket 
  6. Venice Canals – Passenger
  7. It Goes On – Sun Tailor 
  8. Get By – Evan Wardell 
  9. Listening to the Music  – Zephaniah OHora 
  10. Saturday Night Sage – Noah Lekas with Howlin Rain
  11. Age of Roaches – Kid Dakota
  12. The Dark Isn’t Right – Jacob Faurholt
  13. Coliseum (Live)  – Howlin Rain
  14. Blurred Out – Thunder Dreamer
  15. Soul of This Town – Oliver Wood
  16. A Little Slander, A Little Lace – Clara Engel
  17. Lay it All On Me – Leslie Mendelson
  18. Silver Moon (For Neal) – Kenny Roby
  19. Bury My Bones – Whiskey Myers
  20. The Way of All Meat – Patrick Phelan
  21. Evil is but a Shadow – Miley Cyrus 
  22. Fire – Black Pumas
  23. More – The Suitcase Junket 
  24. Die Alone – FNEAS
  25. Grab Ahold – Seth Walker 
  26. Patience – The Lumineers —Lisa Whealy