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Lazuright–Silver Side Alien Zoo EP

lazuright( – Silver Side Alien Zoo EP


German rock that will keep you wanting more.

Originating from a small town called Tuttlingen, Germany, Lazuright will definitely find themselves near the top of my list for the year’s best releases with Silver Side Alien Zoo EP. The EP is only 5-song release, but it is packed full of an intense sound that I cannot turn down.

The overall sound is great. With a four man line-up that consists of singer/guitarist Gerhard, bassist/vocalist Pablo, guitarist Johannes and drummer Tommy, the sound is very round and full, with loads of raw energy. Front man Gerhard has an amazing raspy voice that sits effortlessly on top of the powerful guitar riffs. The passion behind the music is felt through energy that I hear being expelled from my speakers. The lyrics themselves are just as catchy as the music and are semi-original.

Even though the songs themselves are catchy, they are not too complex. The tracks keep within the same keys and rarely stray away from them. They might experiment with an awkward chord for a moment, but it all stays within the boundaries. These few experimental moments can be found in the acoustic closer “No Place to Go.”

But there are incredible moments to balance out the little inconsistencies. Their use of contrasting guitar melodies and rhythms against the vocals is top notch, especially in “Vanity Fair.” Towards the end of “Vanity Fair”, there is also a great guitar solo.

Lazuright has made a name for itself in Germany, playing over 70 shows country-wide and winning several contests. After listening to this release, I hope they make their way across the seas to further impress me with their fresh, raw talent.

Emily Robinson