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Latterman-No Matter Where We Go…!

lattermanBand Name: Latterman
Album Name: No Matter Where We Go…!
Best Element: Charging Punk that should revitalize punks.
Genre: Punk Rock
Label Name: Deep Elm Records (
Band E-mail:

I know the guys in Latterman. Not well, but I know them. They played a show where I go to school and stayed in my dorm room. They were mostly under the weather during that gloomy weekend and the bass player/lead singer Matt Camino had a horrible sore throat. However, they played their hearts out and Matt sang with all the passion he could muster, hoping that would be enough to overcome his sickness. For a good twenty minutes, it did. Despite what the band had been handed, they still pulled through. That story pretty much sums up the new Latterman record. No Matter Where We Go…! is a powerful and direct statement of friendship, perseverance, and hope that has been needed in the punk scene for quite some time. Everyone say hello to your new favorite band. Their name is Latterman.

The record starts off with sounds that would be coming out of a show right before a band plays. The guitars are beginning to mesh together and people a talking in the ambiance. There is an electricity in the air that is going through all the bodies of the souls in the confined space. Then, as the sound reaches its zenith, all noises cuts out to reveal a lone guitar chord being strummed at mid tempo. It has a triumphant ring that sets the mood for the rest of the album. Drums come in, shouted vocals tear through like vigilantes of hope in a dense amalgam of punk rock removed far enough from Hot Water Music to be different yet familiar. The whole record is like this. And yes, it builds upon itself like a story, so there is no use skipping tracks. But if it is urgent, then the best suggestion would be “Fear and Loathing on Long Island”. It stands as the catalysis of the record, bringing together sing-alongs reminiscent of the Bouncing Souls and lyrics of self motivation and realization.

This is one of the year’s best records and a one that should propel them into the same territory that Against Me was in about three years ago. Latterman, like Against Me, has the ability to make people believe in the power of music and to believe that one person can make a difference.