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Last Ditch Remedy-The Following

lastditchremedyBand: Last Ditch Remedy

Album Name: The Following

Best Element: about 30 seconds of creativity per song.

Genre: Alternative Rock


Label: Cake Records

Band E-mail: Link on website (myspace)

The sharp packaging is particularly eye catching… Cake Records did not hold out the stops for these guys. The booklet is well put together: intriguing imagery spliced into pages of lyrics, thanks and standard info. However, the front sticker saying FOR FANS OF: Taking Back Sunday, Armor For Sleep, and All American Rejects brings caution. It is not as discerning as the picture of four gentlemen with too-tight-clothes and emo haircuts. But, WAIT A SECOND! This is about the MUSIC! Never judge a book by its cover….

Well, I hate to be one to prove a proverb wrong, but this is precisely what the cover would lead me to believe. There are unique moments which are intriguing and begging to be explored; however, these are always cut short by predictable, three-chord choruses which, more than overstay their welcome. I understand repetition is a necessity of getting mainstream exposure (and I’m not blaming anyone for trying to make money) but I just think most of this pushes into overtly familiar territory- grounds which are already well treaded by the ‘For Fans Of’ list on the album’s cover.

That said, there are true moments of brilliance. Take for example from 2:20 – 3:00 of “A Love for Green Eyes.” Absolutely fantastic! But then, once again, back to droning out the same three-chords in different manners for another minute or so. There are examples in almost every song of a half-minute or more of brilliance, but it is just overshadowed by an offsetting familiarity. I just wish they’d further that exploration, push the envelope. In their defense, they are very young band and have room and time to grow.

Despite my seemingly negative attitude the album is not a bad listen for a casual fan of the said genre. The music is competent, well grounded and carefully composed. In fact I can picture this being eaten up by the MTV generation. The music is downright infectious at moments and has sparks of creativity scattered throughout the songs. I just hope they can progress as a band and turn those creative sparks into a blaze, because they are fighting a tough battle in a watered-down genre. Fans of the previously listed bands could likely fall in love and join The Following. For myself however, at the end of the day, it just ends up in the “music I will give to my roommate” pile.

-Josh Hogan