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Keith Varick-Keep Breathing EP

[”>Keith Varick – Keep Breathing EP


Relaxing electronica that succeeds despite not breaking much ground.

Keith Varick’s Keep Breathing EP is full of smooth, beautiful and very purposeful electronic music that creates a calm, relaxing feel.. The songs carry emotionally charged lyrics that are beautiful in a poetic “I’m so alone” sense. It’s all been done before, but even if the EP is basic, it’s good when you need to stop and take a breather.

In opening track “Frozen,” the music is fittingly harsh and cold. The vocals slowly emerge from the electronic chords, yet give the music a cold feeling by not fitting in at all. Then they just float there. The main idea of the song is to keep breathing and everything will be all right. That basic idea goes through the rest of the EP with next track “Ladeda,” and ends with “Street Sounds” asking for a nice walk to get away from it all.

This EP it is great to just sit down and relax to when you are upset or just need to think for while. It is not exactly groundbreaking material, but it definitely does what music is supposed to do: give you something to reflect on and help you clear your mind when you need to.

– Emily Robinson