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"Jesse Thomason-S/t EP"

exist1Band: Exist (Jesse Thomason)
Album: S/t EP
Best Element: Easily listenable guitarwork
Genre: Acoustic
Band E-mail:

Jesse Thomason, now performing an acoustic/electric act under the moniker Exist, has been writing and performing with an assortment of groups for eleven years. Recently obtaining some credit from Seattle’s AIDS project Hope’s Voice , two of the singles from his second EP have been placed on the Hope’s Voice compilation which will be touring college campuses across the nation starting in 2006. And to top it off, Thomason has established an independent record label known as Infiltrate Records, which subsequently just released his third EP.

Exist, who call Bryan-College Station, TX home, can best be described as acoustic soft rock, but easy listening wouldn’t be far off. Thomason’s voice is heavy and strong and often carries a raw edge very similar to that of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, yet the instrumentals produce a dichotomy. Exist’s guitar style is often that of Spanish parentage, and at times feels nearly classical. Thomason clearly enjoys playing with harmonics, as they’re used on nearly every track. And percussion on this EP is nonexistent.

Unfortunately, the five tracks on this EP lack enough breadth to be worth describing as separate entities. Each song flows nicely with the next, but when all is said and done one cannot recall when one song ended and another began. Jesse Thomason is a gifted musician, but alas, that’s not enough to set him apart from the millions of other artists striving to make successful careers for themselves. If you’re looking for a quick, easy listen, this will suit you just fine. If you’re looking for something different, you better keep looking.

-Carson Vaughan