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Jacuzzi Fuzz creates a "best case" scenario

Last December, Miami-based Jacuzzi Fuzz released their excellent new album, The Best Worst-Case Scenario, on Treehouse Records.  This reggae- and rock-infused band has created a highly enjoyable 11-track album, beginning with the ear-catching guitar riff on “Milton’s Revenge.”

Fans of Sublime, Nirvana, Rx Bandits and Bob Marley alike will find appeal in the sound of Jacuzzi Fuzz.  The guitar work on the album showcases excellent musicianship, so much so that I’m kind of aching to watch them play live.  The band really has found the perfect balance between the energy of rock and the beat of reggae.

A favorite on the record is “Gold Rush,” for its snake-like guitar that weaves throughout the pounding drums and interesting vocals by Andy Clavijo.  Clavijo’s voice has the ability to express lyrics like, “big up your style, big up your life when you jah to see ya through your strife…”with a reggae swag. At the same time his vocals are tinged with a roughness that gives him a signature raw sound.  Clavijo also takes credit for the guitar on the album, making his work all the more impressive.

Other interesting components of the record include an instrumental track and a political rant, much in the footsteps of Marley.  The record wraps up with Clavijo singing, “our economy isn’t free, it costs dollars,” to the chugging of an acoustic guitar.

Jacuzzi Fuzz is credited with playing shows with the likes of Damian Marley, Against All Authority and the Expendables.  The well-rounded quality from start to end of this record is well worth checking out, even for those who don’t regularly listen to reggae/grunge.  I was impressed by the lyrics, which tops off the impressiveness of these guys.  With one part thoughtful lyrics, one part awesome instrumental, and one part reggae magic that takes you right to the beaches of Miami, listeners won’t be disappointed by The Best Worst Case Scenario.